NTL Plant Guard

195,00 ZAR each

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NTL Plant Guard


NTL Plant Guard is a non-toxic, pH balanced, pure Hypochlorous acid product that can be used as a plant and root cleanser from seed to sale including, but not limited to, the following use cases:

  • Seed Wash
  • Cloning Solution Complement
  • Reservoir Cleaning
  • Flushing
  • Cleaning Irrigation Lines
  • Plant Wound Care during Trimming
  • Plant/Root Cleaning during Flowering


NTL Products requires no PPE and can be used in any hydroponic, aeroponic, fogponic, or traditional media grow. NTL Products is a safe, non-toxic alternative to hydrogen peroxide or similar products in your grow.


Anolyte Hypochlorous Acid is an ideal disinfectant and sanitizer for the Agricultural industries. Also being the number one choice of disinfecting in the green house Industry. The advantage of disinfecting and sanitizing with Hypochlorous Acid is that is certified organic, non-WHMIS regulated, non-toxic, and leaves zero residue. It also has been found to be far superior to any other disinfectant or sanitizer